Personal: Joseph Ford - Invisible Jumpers published by Hoxton Mini Press

Joseph's "knitted camouflage" project with Nina Dodd has now been published by Hoxton Mini Press as a beautiful hard-back book entitled 'Invisible Jumpers'. The book features 25 pieces of bespoke knitwear worn by humans, dogs and bananas alike - blending seamlessly into their surroundings thanks to more than 1000 hours of knitting and endless hours lining up the camera for the perfect shot.

Comission: Tom Bunning Lodestars Anthology

Outstanding travel publication Lodestars Anthology commissioned Tom to explore the Stockholm Archipelago, the largest in Sweden for a forthcoming issue. Originally the inhabitants of the archipelago were farmers and fishermen but now it’s a popular holiday destination. Around 15% of the area is owned and protected by the Archipelago Foundation so that everyone can have access to the natural world offered by this beautiful place which has approximately 24,000 islands and islets waiting to be explored.