Commission: Chris Floyd - Good Ordinary Claret for Berry Brothers

Since 2016, Berry Bros. & Rudd, London wine merchants founded in the 17th century, have commissioned a different artist each year to design the label for their much loved 'Good Ordinary Claret'. In 2019 Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard were commissioned to produce the label and they recreated a long forgotten Victorian invention - the multigraph - which, by clever arrangement of mirrors, allows people to be photographed in such a way as to render 5 versions of the sitter, all at different angles in the final image. Iain and Jane adapted the original invention by laster cutting the bottle's silhouette into the edges of the two mirrors that meet in the middle and slotting the bottle into the available hole. This clever trick and use of 21st century technology allowed for a final image with just one bottle but 5 wine glasses, the idea being that 'one bottle may nourish many glasses'. This photographed image then became the label for Berry Bros. & Rudd 2019 Good Ordinary Claret.

Personal: Joseph Ford - Invisible Jumpers published by Hoxton Mini Press

Joseph's "knitted camouflage" project with Nina Dodd has now been published by Hoxton Mini Press as a beautiful hard-back book entitled 'Invisible Jumpers'. The book features 25 pieces of bespoke knitwear worn by humans, dogs and bananas alike - blending seamlessly into their surroundings thanks to more than 1000 hours of knitting and endless hours lining up the camera for the perfect shot.